Monday, February 18, 2013

How To Style Plaid Shirts

Helllllooooo everyone who has stumbled upon our blog!
Ya - so when I said we would have pictures up soon... That was a lie. I'm so sorry that our whole blog is a lie, as is my life and my whole existence.
So recently I was looking through my closet, right? Because I just sit in front  of my closet to try and decide what to wear (I really hope other people do that because I'm being serious.) And it hit me - like a rock- I have 4000 plaid shirts, all of different cuts and colors. Do I ever wear any of them? Well... Ummm... I usually just end up wearing my dad's old plaid shirts the most and that's with leggings. So! Then I decided to try and figure out how to wear them, which brought me the idea of posting about it.

First I started with the useful Googling "how to style plaid shirt" - I literally did that, you can check my internet history. And came across these photos for inspiration...
 Sorry I don't have a source for the last three pictures, I pretty hastily closed the window I got them from before I remembered to cite them.

So, basically I concluded on - contrasting neutral colors are the best use of plaid.

Theeeeeeeen I went to look at my past Polyvore posts and found one glgorious outfit including a plaid shirt and my favorite holiday movie. 

Hopefully this inspiration enough for all of you to go out and layer your plaid shirts with cozy sweaters while the weather still allows, because I know in Georgia soon it will become warm again and away will go all of my favorite sweaters. 

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