Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hellooooo everyone.
So I'm Elizabeth. Duh. I mean I don't know who else has access to this blog besides Mary Kat and I...
Anyways. So I do the fashion, because I'm fabulous. Right? That's what I like to think at least. Basically I'm not expecting everyone to like all of my outfits, but I just want to show you how I personally dress. So you can come for inspiration on how to like combine colors or something if you don't actually like my style. Yep.
Umm... About me... Well what Mary Kat left out is that we both play bridge... So we really are old ladies, just in disguise. I am also in student government and volunteer at a local history museum. Wheeeee I'm so exciting!! Lies. I'm not in the least bit exciting, but it's whatever.
We hope to have some actually productive posts to you by the end of the week, but with school that may be difficult... Hopefully soooooooon :)


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