Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints 

So. I have noticed whenever I mix prints people compliment me and then either change the subject or continue to talk about styles that only I can pull of, which doesn't really make sense (I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm flattered, but...) What is it about me that lets me be able to "pull of anything"? I don't know. But! I would like to see more people mixing prints; it really is more fun to wear 2+ prints than just one. The more the better! 

Shocked The World

Shocked The World by enolano 

The easiest way ever to mix prints is to do so subtly. Such as this shirt, it has a pattern in it but not one that stands out like that of the pants, because the pattern of the shirt doesn't have different colors. 

Print on Print
Print on Print by enolano

Also, an easy way to ease into mixing prints is to do so just on the top half of your body, especially if you don't normally wear printed pants. It is also makes your outfit a ton more interesting to wear a printed shirt with a printed scarf and to also have on a long necklace under the scarf.

Prints Everywhere!
Prints Everywhere! by enolano 

The usual model of practice for many people when mixing prints is to wear two different items that use the same colors, like these navy and white prints. But what's even easier? Wear a piece that mixes prints for you, like the sweater. But! I'm too crazy and added in another print with the pants, and then another texture with the lace scarf, and yet another texture with the studded smoking slippers.

Can't Fight The Feeling
Can't Fight The Feeling by enolano 

Another easy print combination is leopard and stripes. My outfit today actually resembled this...

You Are The Record That I Play
You Are The Record That I Play by enolano 

Continuing the leopard print theme... I personally think that leopard print can go with anything and investing in a couple of pieces is totally worth it. Of course not all leopard prints are equal, some have larger spots than others and some have more black or brown than others. I would recommend when mixing prints to make sure that your accessories aren't too over the top to avoid looking costume-y.

I Can't Change
I Can't Change by enolano

This outfit also follows the usual mixing prints with the same colors. Add a pop of color, but that is still muted like the rest of the items, to add more interest to the outfit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

Inspiration Video: Anna Sun By: Walk The Moon 
So, this song was basically my car ride anthem of last summer. (So basically there is no reason to think that my music taste isn't up to date or something.) Anyway! The outfits in the video are pretty rad and so is the scene with all of the paint - I mean how fun would that be?! 

We Rattle This Town

We Rattle This Town by enolano

Ultimate indie outfit? Denim dress and button up shirt tied in the front - or so it would seem from the video. (Weeeeell technically most of them are in shorts, but I added some pizzazz with the dress.)
We Rattle This Scene
We Rattle This Scene by enolano

So this outfit is inspired by the lead singer's outfit of all white at the beginning, which by the end was spattered with paint. One of my favorite trends right now is buttoning all of the buttons on a button up shirt and putting a necklace on that peaks out from the collar. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Blue Mandarin Coat

The Blue Mandarin Coat By: Joseph DeCamp

So. Mary Katherine, another one of our friends, and I went downtown yesterday and saw this super awesome painting. Mary Katherine had to take a picture posing in front of it to show the resemblance. But anyway! Dat kimono? Dang. I like. 

Tell Me Where You Want To Go

So first I tried my best and modernizing some of the aspects of the painting. Like the kimono which I love. I would give my life to own that kimono. Who doesn't want a kimono? Honestly? To spice the outfit up a bit I added leather leggings (also something I would love to own.) 

He's Calling Me Home

So, I really love the colors in the painting. Orange is always a really pretty color to match with other vivid colors, but I'm always skeptical about incorporating it into my own outfits for some reason... But! The orange scarf goes really well with the navy printed dress and to add in a bit of the lighter blue (on the woman's sleeves in the painting) I found some sky blue earrings. Top the outfit off with a bun for extra points. 

I Don't Think They Know It Yet

I found this suuuuuuuuper awesome dress, so I had to make an extra set to display it. I really like how it has the bird and more dated looking flowers, but with the geometric background it doesn't look too much like a granny dress. Also, I would think it would be pretty elongating with the feather detail running for the majority of the dress. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Compilation Outfit

Skirt - Gap kid's (its mine from childhood) Shirt - thrifted Necklaces - the multi-chain was a gift and the shorter is vintage Ring - Forever 21 Shoes - Bass 

Heeeeey so I finally got around to taking pictures of my actual body in actual clothes. I know. Whaaaaaaat? So. I basically was stoked about this outfit because it combines the last couple of posts. That maxi skirt is velvet and the whole thing has kind of a vintage feel. So ya. 

So, like I said I usually do, I tied the shirt in the front to give my torso some definition. And those polka dots remind you of something? Dat Mac Miller video. Daaaang. 

Ya. That's a fox ring. Be jealous. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maxi Skirts

So. Maxi skirts. I'm not going to lie - they are my new fashion obsession. I have to admit when every store started stocking maxi skirts, I was skeptical; I come in at a lofty 5' 1'' and I felt like my body would just look stockier in a maxi skirt/dress. Then it was more of a matter of pride (I couldn't just continually tell my mom "no" then suddenly go buy a maxi skirt!) Soooooo I used our trip to South Africa (in the winter) into the best excuse ever. I said that I would bring it to wear out to dinner with my dad's friends to be dressier but not compromise warmth. I actually ended up not bringing the skirt I got, but I still love it!
 I feel like some people think they can only be worn in the summer, but worry not! You can totally wear them in the winter also! It all depends on the material/pattern and cut of the skirt and how you style it. 

We Could Pretend If You Want To

So, a great way to make a maxi skirt outfit is a vest. Like duh, right? I really love the color of the skirt and the lace together. And those printed boots? Damn. 

These Are My Confessions

This is another style featuring a vest! What I usually end up wearing with a maxi skirt in the winter is a button up shirt that I tie closer to the hem of the skirt, which will create some definition of your body and is a bit more interesting than just tucking it in. (It also puts all those long button up shirts that you own to wear with leggings to good use.) 

Black Maxi Skirt

Then came the stellar lace maxi skirt. I wish I owned one of these. If I did I would wear it like every day. Every single day. Anyway. This skirt can be worn in both the winter in the summer depending on what shirt is worn with it (which is one of the awesome aspects of it.) Here I put an interesting, dip-dyed denim shirt with it and some plain black Chelsea boots. 

It's Bound To Be A Sight To See

So for summer, I think this is a perfect outfit (especially on those days where you really don't want to shave your legs or can't show to much of your legs at an event.) My favorite summer maxi skirt is a tad cropped so that it shows your ankles to give it more of a summer-feel. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Knock Knock - Mac Miller

Insipiration Video: Knock Knock By Mac Miller 

I'm not saying that this is the best video ever, but I'm also not not saying that its the best video ever. So... If there is one thing I love about Mac Miller (besides his lyrics, beats, and motivation) it would be the energy that he puts into his work. Aaaaand the great outfits.I Feel Like A Million Bucks

I Feel Like A Million Bucks by enolano

I feel like all of the women in this video are wearing polka dots. So - that means business. Gotta toughen up and modernize a pretty little dress with a leather jacket and an über cool detachable collar.

I'm White Boy Awesome
I'm White Boy Awesome by enolano 

Inspired by the great man himself! Mac is mixing prints in the video, which is my favorite thing ever. Like ever. Soooooooo brought that in. And those fabulous Ray Ban Clubmasters? Ya. I cannot relate how obsessed I am with those sun shades. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Velvet Leggings

Velvet Leggings

Velvet Leggings by enolano featuring silver rings

First Day Back At School
First Day Back At School by enolano 

Let Go And Forget About The Hate
Let Go And Forget About The Hate by enolano

Hello everyone!
So I don't know how all of you feel about velvet, but I love it. Like a deep passionate love that can only be topped by food. So I actually own these leggings and they are the cat's pajamas. Like totally. The first time I wore them to school people were amazed like "What is that fabric covering your legs?" "Your pants! They gleam and reflect light like nothing else!" "Oh Lord, Elizabeth! May I feel your pants?" Basically. That is how everyone in my school speaks. (Or so I wish...) So, the main point of this post is propaganda. Go out and buy those velvet leggings - or whatever it is that you think is super awesome, but you're afraid that the losers you spend the majority of your time with will find absurd. Because they might. It's actually a very good chance that they might. But! Your fashion choice may be very well received! You don't know until you try! Sorry... That got very Dr.Phil-ish very fast... But, in conclusion, get awesome pants. People love printed pants. The guy that sits next to me in math once told me that the pants I was wearing looked like art, which is a pretty cool compliment if you ask me. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

How To Style Plaid Shirts

Helllllooooo everyone who has stumbled upon our blog!
Ya - so when I said we would have pictures up soon... That was a lie. I'm so sorry that our whole blog is a lie, as is my life and my whole existence.
So recently I was looking through my closet, right? Because I just sit in front  of my closet to try and decide what to wear (I really hope other people do that because I'm being serious.) And it hit me - like a rock- I have 4000 plaid shirts, all of different cuts and colors. Do I ever wear any of them? Well... Ummm... I usually just end up wearing my dad's old plaid shirts the most and that's with leggings. So! Then I decided to try and figure out how to wear them, which brought me the idea of posting about it.

First I started with the useful Googling "how to style plaid shirt" - I literally did that, you can check my internet history. And came across these photos for inspiration...
 Sorry I don't have a source for the last three pictures, I pretty hastily closed the window I got them from before I remembered to cite them.

So, basically I concluded on - contrasting neutral colors are the best use of plaid.

Theeeeeeeen I went to look at my past Polyvore posts and found one glgorious outfit including a plaid shirt and my favorite holiday movie. 

Hopefully this inspiration enough for all of you to go out and layer your plaid shirts with cozy sweaters while the weather still allows, because I know in Georgia soon it will become warm again and away will go all of my favorite sweaters.