Sunday, March 10, 2013

Denim Vests

Denim Vests
So. Last weekend I went thrifted (the usual) and for the past two years I have been searching for a good denim vest from the thrift store (basically one without random patches or stitching or something that also fits me - you wouldn't think it would be that hard, but it was), and on Saturday I found one. It was probably one of the best moments of my life. So... That's kind of sad. But anyway! I got home and immediately started trying on outfits with it (please tell me other people do that, because I always do...) and found that I mostly paired it with like every dress in my closet. And that works with basically every dress, so I didn't put many sets like that in this post because it's kind of a duh outfit. I found that putting it in outfits was pretty simple, but most of mind ended up being more summer-y. So I must wait until it gets warmer to really start religiously wearing mine... 
I Want You All To Feel It

So this is that duh outfit. I think that the vest really helps to make the outfit more casual. This would be great for a summer concert or date or something where you are outdoors :) (I guess I wouldn't really know what would be great to wear outdoors because I don't usually go outside... So don't trust me on that one)
Watch The Seconds Fly

Watch The Seconds Fly by enolano 

So this one is more of a grunge/hipster outfit. It is actually pretty basic, but with a printed denim vest.

Anywhere You Want To Go
Anywhere You Want To Go by enolano

This is one way to wear shorts and tights aaaaaand a vest. The shorts are corduroy, a super awesome winter material (I have several corduroy shorts...), then you can pair it with a cropped lace shirt, but you're still covered because the shorts are high waisted; add some tights, a vest, and shoes and you're off!

I'm The Only One
I'm The Only One by enolano

This is obviously an outfit for summer... Mixing them prints. Nice. The bustier top obviously doesn't give you much coverage, but if you wear high waisted shorts it can fix the problem of too much torso and the vest can cover up some of your back and shoulders. OR you can just go for it and wear that bustier top! I don't think my mom would let me out of the house without the vest... Plus this is a post about vests so... Ya...

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