Monday, February 25, 2013

The Blue Mandarin Coat

The Blue Mandarin Coat By: Joseph DeCamp

So. Mary Katherine, another one of our friends, and I went downtown yesterday and saw this super awesome painting. Mary Katherine had to take a picture posing in front of it to show the resemblance. But anyway! Dat kimono? Dang. I like. 

Tell Me Where You Want To Go

So first I tried my best and modernizing some of the aspects of the painting. Like the kimono which I love. I would give my life to own that kimono. Who doesn't want a kimono? Honestly? To spice the outfit up a bit I added leather leggings (also something I would love to own.) 

He's Calling Me Home

So, I really love the colors in the painting. Orange is always a really pretty color to match with other vivid colors, but I'm always skeptical about incorporating it into my own outfits for some reason... But! The orange scarf goes really well with the navy printed dress and to add in a bit of the lighter blue (on the woman's sleeves in the painting) I found some sky blue earrings. Top the outfit off with a bun for extra points. 

I Don't Think They Know It Yet

I found this suuuuuuuuper awesome dress, so I had to make an extra set to display it. I really like how it has the bird and more dated looking flowers, but with the geometric background it doesn't look too much like a granny dress. Also, I would think it would be pretty elongating with the feather detail running for the majority of the dress. 

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