Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints 

So. I have noticed whenever I mix prints people compliment me and then either change the subject or continue to talk about styles that only I can pull of, which doesn't really make sense (I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm flattered, but...) What is it about me that lets me be able to "pull of anything"? I don't know. But! I would like to see more people mixing prints; it really is more fun to wear 2+ prints than just one. The more the better! 

Shocked The World

Shocked The World by enolano 

The easiest way ever to mix prints is to do so subtly. Such as this shirt, it has a pattern in it but not one that stands out like that of the pants, because the pattern of the shirt doesn't have different colors. 

Print on Print
Print on Print by enolano

Also, an easy way to ease into mixing prints is to do so just on the top half of your body, especially if you don't normally wear printed pants. It is also makes your outfit a ton more interesting to wear a printed shirt with a printed scarf and to also have on a long necklace under the scarf.

Prints Everywhere!
Prints Everywhere! by enolano 

The usual model of practice for many people when mixing prints is to wear two different items that use the same colors, like these navy and white prints. But what's even easier? Wear a piece that mixes prints for you, like the sweater. But! I'm too crazy and added in another print with the pants, and then another texture with the lace scarf, and yet another texture with the studded smoking slippers.

Can't Fight The Feeling
Can't Fight The Feeling by enolano 

Another easy print combination is leopard and stripes. My outfit today actually resembled this...

You Are The Record That I Play
You Are The Record That I Play by enolano 

Continuing the leopard print theme... I personally think that leopard print can go with anything and investing in a couple of pieces is totally worth it. Of course not all leopard prints are equal, some have larger spots than others and some have more black or brown than others. I would recommend when mixing prints to make sure that your accessories aren't too over the top to avoid looking costume-y.

I Can't Change
I Can't Change by enolano

This outfit also follows the usual mixing prints with the same colors. Add a pop of color, but that is still muted like the rest of the items, to add more interest to the outfit.

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