Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maxi Skirts

So. Maxi skirts. I'm not going to lie - they are my new fashion obsession. I have to admit when every store started stocking maxi skirts, I was skeptical; I come in at a lofty 5' 1'' and I felt like my body would just look stockier in a maxi skirt/dress. Then it was more of a matter of pride (I couldn't just continually tell my mom "no" then suddenly go buy a maxi skirt!) Soooooo I used our trip to South Africa (in the winter) into the best excuse ever. I said that I would bring it to wear out to dinner with my dad's friends to be dressier but not compromise warmth. I actually ended up not bringing the skirt I got, but I still love it!
 I feel like some people think they can only be worn in the summer, but worry not! You can totally wear them in the winter also! It all depends on the material/pattern and cut of the skirt and how you style it. 

We Could Pretend If You Want To

So, a great way to make a maxi skirt outfit is a vest. Like duh, right? I really love the color of the skirt and the lace together. And those printed boots? Damn. 

These Are My Confessions

This is another style featuring a vest! What I usually end up wearing with a maxi skirt in the winter is a button up shirt that I tie closer to the hem of the skirt, which will create some definition of your body and is a bit more interesting than just tucking it in. (It also puts all those long button up shirts that you own to wear with leggings to good use.) 

Black Maxi Skirt

Then came the stellar lace maxi skirt. I wish I owned one of these. If I did I would wear it like every day. Every single day. Anyway. This skirt can be worn in both the winter in the summer depending on what shirt is worn with it (which is one of the awesome aspects of it.) Here I put an interesting, dip-dyed denim shirt with it and some plain black Chelsea boots. 

It's Bound To Be A Sight To See

So for summer, I think this is a perfect outfit (especially on those days where you really don't want to shave your legs or can't show to much of your legs at an event.) My favorite summer maxi skirt is a tad cropped so that it shows your ankles to give it more of a summer-feel. 

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