Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

Inspiration Video: Anna Sun By: Walk The Moon 
So, this song was basically my car ride anthem of last summer. (So basically there is no reason to think that my music taste isn't up to date or something.) Anyway! The outfits in the video are pretty rad and so is the scene with all of the paint - I mean how fun would that be?! 

We Rattle This Town

We Rattle This Town by enolano

Ultimate indie outfit? Denim dress and button up shirt tied in the front - or so it would seem from the video. (Weeeeell technically most of them are in shorts, but I added some pizzazz with the dress.)
We Rattle This Scene
We Rattle This Scene by enolano

So this outfit is inspired by the lead singer's outfit of all white at the beginning, which by the end was spattered with paint. One of my favorite trends right now is buttoning all of the buttons on a button up shirt and putting a necklace on that peaks out from the collar. 

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