Friday, January 11, 2013



HeyHiHello.  This is the Mary Kat. I look like this.....  
I know. I'm pretty much the human embodiment of sex.  Heh. Jk. Kinda. Well, technically that is me, but at a rough candid moment. But ya know, if you don't want me at my Lindsay Lohan, you don't deserve me at my Beyonce. (This is my Beyonce.)... (You're welcome.)

Slight disclaimer here that should be remembered from here on to the end of time. I'm joking. Barely any serious words are actually typed... ever. I do the makeup stuffs.  I enjoy crocheting because I'm secretly a dried up old lady on the inside and sleeping.  I'm currently on my school's robotics team, but I'm quitting marching band.  (They're just too cool for me nowadays.) While this lovely lady, does fashion.  She's a lamb. You'll love her.  Her name happens to be Elizabeth.  Just by chance. She's cool like that.  You will most likely meet her in blog posts of the latter so I'll keep her mysterious now.                          


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